Global Perspective

Reinforce Conference

March 2019 - Budapest, Hungary

Visited Budapest for six days during an international AI conference. My keynote was titled "Cultural Bias in AI" where I demonstrated the usefulness of being aware of different cultures, audiences and how that can affect a product experience. In my talk I called to academic examples, industry examples and toolkits that have been built to bring transparency to this process.

I was also featured in a couple of interviews for the conference and the local news company.

Giving a speech on stage in Budapest, Hungary (March 2019)

agile testing days

July 2019 - Chicago, IL

Presented a keynote and 8 hour workshop on "Cultural Bias in AI" at Agile Testing Days USA. Agile Testing Days is an international conference based in Germany. They have a US based spinoff that is heavily attended by an international audience. In the workshop I worked with 3 attendees on create a framework to understand cultural bias in AI.

8 hour Workshop

Keynote Presentation

hult prize competition

March 2015 - San Francisco

In 2015 I participated in an international pitch competition in San Francisco, with two other team members. We focused on being able to reach refugees in Zataari, Afghanistan to launch a outsourcing training program that could double their income with a $35 computer setup. The second round of the competition was held in six place around the world including San Francisco, Dubai, London and more. Each location had a diverse attendance with students from all over the world, we were encouraged to watch the livestream of the competitions in other locations.

Visit to National Museum of African American History and Culture

March 2017 - Washington, DC

I made my first visit to the NMAAHC. This was the most complete history lesson I have ever had on the global impact of slavery, what it looked like and how it affected Black people in America.

There was a constant stream of information and first person narratives that has been very useful to subsequent papers and thought pieces I have written about the societal impact today.

There were 6 floors of interactive exhibits, detailing nearly every historical milestone and important figures in the Black history catalog.


October 2016 - Boston, MA

This was a 3 day residential program that brought 30 underserved undergraduates from all across the country.

We chose between 3 disciplines, Chemical Engineering, Material Science and Chemistry to shadow. We were then given customized tours of each departments.

We were also ask to present a 3 slide presentation on some topic we thought would be interesting to research. Our presentations were then graded by current graduate students.


Hidden Figures

February 2017 - Chicago, IL - Al Jazeera - Social Media

With the release of the book Hidden Figures by Margot Shetterly I was hired for three separate opportunities with global impact.

Hidden Figures tells the true story of NASA mathmeticians orignally known as "computers" during the space race to the moon. This book follows the story of Black women who had math degrees but went under the radar of modern history books.

I was fortunate to be in a TV interview on Al Jazeera TV with the author and another friend Dr. Jedidah Isler.

I also was hired to attend Du Sable African American History Museum in Chicago for a panel discussion with other mathematicians and physicists and one of the original Hidden Figures, Dorothy Vaughn.

Finally, the I was asked to write a sponsored social media post for the official Hidden Figures social media accounts.